02/08/2011 13:36, Report by A Marshall and M Shaw
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Scholes on the spot

Paul Scholes was grilled by MUTV's Mark Sullivan during his exclusive interview with the official club channel. The midfield genius was put on the spot and asked the following questions. See how you'd fare and check out our video of Scholesy supplying his answers.

1. You played for United 676 times but how many goals did you score?

2. You're the third most-booked player in Premier League history, joint with Robbie Savage. Name the top two.

3. Which team did you score the most against?

4. Who said: "We're going to miss a truly unbelievable player. Paul has always been fully committed to this club"?

5. Who said: "He's almost untouchable in what he does. I never tire in watching him play"?

6. Who said: "In the last 15-20 years, he's the best central midfielder I've seen"?

7. Who said: "He's a fantastic player who will be remembered forever at Man United"?

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